Anabella López was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1984. She was graduated from Graphic Design in the University of Buenos Aires, where she worked as a professor for several years. She also gave illustration lessons at the first school of illustration in Buenos Aires, Argentina, named Sotano Blanco. In 2015 she also started and created the first school of illustration in Recife, Brasil, called “Usina de Imagens”. Where she works as professor and is responsible for school coordination.

Since 2009 she works full time as illustrator and writer of her own book projects. In 2012 she was selected to participated in the international exhibition of illustration in Sarmede city, Italy, “Le immagini della fantasia”. And her work was one of the chosen to appear in his famous catalogue. Her illustrations participated in several expositions in Argentina, Brazil and Italy. In 2013 her work was selected finalist at Sharjah International Book Fair and it was chosen to participate in its famous catalogue.

In 2015 her book “The palm’s strenght”  wins the First Prize in Jabuti Prize 2015 as the best Children’s Book Ilustration of the year.

Nowadays she lives in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brasil, where she works in her own illustration and art projects. At the same time she keeps illustrating books requered by publishers. She is the author of “Blue Beard” (published in Argentina, Canada and France), “A rabbit” (published in Brazil) and “The palm’s strenght” (published in Brazil). She has more than twenty published books edited in different countries like Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, EEUU and United Arab Emirates, and some of her illustrations were animated for the argentinian television.

Published books:

Barbazul, Aletria Publishing House, Brazil, 2016. (author)
Um coelho, Aletria Publishing House, Brazil, 2016. (author)
Olga, Lago de Histórias Publishing House, Brazil, 2016.
Mais felizes do que sempre, Lago de Histórias Publishing House, Brazil, 2016.
Palavras pequenas, Bazar do Tempo Publishing House, Brazil, 2016.
Bafafá na arca de Noé, DCL Publishing House, Brazil, 2015.
O Capitão Barbante, Lê Publishing House, Brazil, 2015.
Iya Agba, Rovelle Publishing House, Brazil, 2015.
O maior azar do mundo, Positivo Publishing House, Brazil, 2014.
De parcerias e trapaças, Aletria Publishing House, Brazil, 2014.
A força da palmeira, Mini Pallas Publishing House,Brazil, 2014. (author)
Mico não tem penico, Bicho Não Collection, Edelbra Publishing House, Brazil, 2013.
Urubu não come chuchu, Bicho Não Collection, Edelbra Publishing House, Brazil, 2013.
Minhoca não quer pipoca, Bicho Não Collection, Edelbra Publishing House, Brazil, 2013.
Jacaré não tem chulé, Bicho Não Collection, Edelbra Publishing House, Brazil, 2013.
Jabuti não le gibi, Bicho Não Collection, Edelbra Publishing House, Brazil, 2013.
A escada transparente, Ed. do Brasil Publishing House, Brazil, 2013.
A menina que perdeu as cores, PallasPublishing House, Brazil, 2013.
O primeiro menino, Mazza Publishing House, Brazil, 2012.
Leyendas latinoamericanas, Guadal Publishing House, Argentina, 2012.
Os três porquinhos, Panda Books Publishing House, Brazil, 2012.
O pássaro do sol, Girafinha Publishing House, Brazil, 2012.
Barbazul, Calibroscopio Publishing House, Argentina, 2012. Bayard Press, Canadá, 2014. (author)
Papelões e papeis, Comunicarte Publishing House, Argentina, 2011.
El Rey Osagboro, CIDCLI Publishing House, Mexico, 2011.
Mi recetario mágico, Uranito Publishing House, Argentina 2011.
El espantoso monstruo del pantano, Tinta Fresca Publishing House, Argentina, 2011.

Exhibitions, events and festivals:

Group Exhibition “Livros e sonhos” with J. Borges in “Festival de Literatura e Ilustração de Bahia” at Biblioteca dos Barris, in Salvador, Brazil.
Solo Exhibition “Livros e sonhos” at RV art gallery, in Salvador, Brazil.
Group Exhibition “Traçando histórias”. Work selected as finalist in 60ª Porto Alegre Book Fair, in Porto Alegre city, Brazil.
Illustration Exhibition “Leendo sonhos” with Manu Purdia, at “A casa do cachorro preto” art gallery, in Olinda, Brazil.
Sharjah Children’s Books Illustration Exhibition, United Arab Emirates. Selected finalist work.
Illustration Exhibition “Ilustra Recife” at Murillo La Greca Museum in Recife, Brazil.
Illustrator performance in Fliporto 2013 in Olinda, Brazil.
Group Exhibition “Ciclo Difusión” in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“Ingredients”. International Art Exhibition at ACBEU gallery in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Group Exhibition “Pincel, papel y tijera” at “El gato con bote” art gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
International illustration exhibition in Sàrmede, Itália: “Le immagini della fantasia”. Chosen work to participate in its famous illustration catalogue.